Describing a cartoon

Gap-fill exercise

   background      cartoon      cartoonist      foreground      forties      kitchen      knife      middle      suggests      surprised      surprising      warns      web      wordless   
This is a black and white which comes from the . It was drawn by the Jim Borgman.
The scene takes place at home, in the . It is probably happening in the evening at tea-time/ at dinner time.
In the , we can see the window with some flowery curtains, and there is a coffee maker next to a little salt cellar and peppperpot.
In the , a family is sitting at the table. The son is right in the surrounded by his parents. On the right, is the father. He is probably in his . Has got short black hair and he is wearing glasses. He is also wearing a shirt, a sleeveless jumper and black trousers. He looks worried, he is talking to his son and he is looking at him. As for the son, he may be 8 or 9 years old. He is sitting and is holding his fork and on the table. He looks puzzled or . He is wearing a cap. On the left, the mother is sitting. She looks in her forties too and she has got long straight blond hair and she looks quite sad. She is or speechless.
The father is telling his son they could read his blog, or he could just tell them about his school day. This the son spends his time on his computer and says a lot of things on his blog but nothing to his parents. It against the dangers of the internet. People communicate a lot via their mails, chat rooms or their blogs but they don't communicate with their families. This cartoon is because the boy looks very young and he already has his own blog. I find it really sad that he doesn't say anything to his parents. But, maybe he had a very bad day that's why he doesn't want to tell them anything about his school day today.
Let's hope he will talk tomorrow!

as for = quant à
puzzled = intrigué