Clothes shopping clothes shopping.mp3

Listen and fill in te gaps

Todd: So I guess when you talk about shopping, we talk about clothes shopping, mainly right, so how often do you go clothes shopping?

Rebecca: Not very often. Maybe every . It depends on my . If I have the money.

Todd: Do you usually follow the ? Try to stay hip, and you know?

Rebecca: No, because sometimes the fashions aren't . I prefer comfortable clothing.

Todd: So are you a bargain ?

Rebecca: I try to be but if there is something that I really, really like, I will save up and buy it.

Todd: For example what is something you saved up to buy?

Rebecca: I saved up to buy a really nice and I've had that now for so it was definitely a good purchase.

Todd: And you bought this in ?

Rebecca: Yeah, it wasn't during the sale, so...

Todd: So how much did it cost?

Rebecca: I think it was about dollars, hundred dollars. Yeah, so it was quite expensive for me.

Todd: Wow, that is .

Rebecca: Mm.

Todd: Have you ever bought any clothes ?

Rebecca: No, I haven't but my friends have and my friends have bought and and and, yeah, they really love shopping online.

Todd: Now, they have no problems? Everything is OK?

Rebecca: Everything is OK. They haven't had any problems at all.

Todd: So how come you don't shop online?

Rebecca: I think I prefer the with sales people and seeing dresses and clothes and on. You never know if they're going to or not.

Todd: Right. Right.