A new flatmate, Activity 1 (questions)

Clique et regarde ce qui est demandé. Essaie de trouver la question, clique et vérifie (la question apparait!)

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
LocationWhere is the flat located/situated exactly?
DurationHow long is it from the city centre?
DistanceHow far is it from the city centre?
RentHow much is the rent please?
Day of payment/ AvailabilityWhen should I pay, at the end of the week or at the end of the month? When is it available?
Number of roomsHow many rooms are there in the flat, please?
Room's descriptionWhat is the room like?
FurnitureIs it fully furnished?
Internet accessDo you have the Internet in the flat?
SmokingDo the flatmates smoke in the house/ Are you smokers?
PetsAre pets allowed?
Prospective flatmateWhat kind of person are you seeking/looking for?
RoutineWhat time do you get up? Do you open the windows every morning? Do you water the plants every week? How often do you have parties? What time do you generally go to sleep?...