School lunches

"The Healthy Choice" in Canteen Lunches

Fresh n Fast Lunch Box is Australia's leading company preparing and delivering nutritionally fresh school lunches, direct to your school.

And just in time too, as the new health standards and a decline in volunteer mothers places increasing stress on the traditional school canteen.

Fresh n Fast Lunch Box provide mothers with a break from the daily preparation of school lunches - whether this be everyday or just once a week. It also provides the kids with a change. However, in many cases mothers have had this service taken away or had to accept they have to trade health for convenience.

Without the school canteen, kids could be filling up on junk food with all its sugar, fat and salt. It is a fact that children eat many more "special occasion" foods regularly and the 1350 kids convenient snack products now seen on our supermarkets shelves, are often worse for your child than you would imagine!

It is also becoming increasingly evident that the long-term effects of a poor diet are significant. So significant in fact, that 25% of all children in Australia are now classified as overweight or obese which has resulted in an alarming increase in diabetes and cardiovascular disease at a much younger age.

Fresh n Fast Lunch Box is focussed on good balanced nutrition and provides lunches for your children that you would love to if you had the time everyday! We also understand children need to be kept interested and as part of the program we will continually innovate to ensure your children are surprised and delighted. They will look forward to lunchtime and opening their cardboard (recyclable of course) lunch boxes packed with good fresh food and fun things!