A day in the past

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   arrived      asked      did      didn't come      didn't know      didn't take      didn't want      had      missed      played      pushed      raced      rained      walked      watched      yelled   
My dear grandma,
You me how I was. I a horrible day! First, I our dog before going to school. It into Mrs Farewell's cat and she at me.Then, I my bus so I to school but it a lot and I my umbrella! My best friend to school because he was ill. We an English test and it was very diffucult. Horrible! I the answers and I didn't finish it! Then the head in our class and he told us we had school on Wednesday afternoon. Too bad!
In the afternoon, we had PE and we rugby. A girl me to the ground and I felt humiliated!
Then I went back home, I my homework, we had tons of homework to do. I TV , just a little, and mum arrived. She to cook . Finally, we had dinner and I went to bed feeling unhappy. Dear me!
I really hope you are fine, see you on Saturday
From Tom your grandson