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Gap-fill exercise

photo g.jpg

A dealer eats his lunch as he monitors his screens on the trading floor of IG Index in London
Photographer: Kevin Coombs/Reuters
   beacuse      caption      don't know      four screens      his desk      In the background      In the foreground      In the middle      is eating      is wearing      newspaper      Next to      On his left      On his right      photo      photographer   
This is a which comes from a well-known in the UK, the Guardian. The , Kevin Coombs has chosen to take a high-angle shot which makes the photo quite impressive.
, a man, who a white shirt, some take away food. We can't see his face but he might be a bachelor because we can't see a ring on his finger. Firstly, we think he might be a computer scientist. In fact, we can read on the he is a trader working in London.
of his desk, is his lunch. We can't really see what he is eating, but he is having peas, carrots and perhaps mushrooms, onions and olives. I'm really sorry but I this dish! Maybe he doesn't have time to go and eat outside. He is obliged to stay at .
He is surrounded by which all have charts and figures* on them. , there are two mice and a telephone. , he has got a notebook, sheets of paper and a calculator. the calculator there is an empty glass.
there must be other traders but we can't really see because it is quite dark.
It must be a very difficult job, I wouldn't like to do it I wouldn't enjoy eating at my desk and watching screens at the same time!