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Listen and fill in the gaps

Her name is she is years old and she lives in which is a city in the of . It's quite close to but it's by the . It's a fantastic city to live in because it's lots to do. As well as the , there are lots of , , , so you never get . is well known for its so the streets are usually just as crowded at in the as they are at in the during rush hour. But she also finds it's a city so there are lots of people of different , different walks of life which is great.
At university in Brighton she studies and linguistics which she enjoys very much. As part of her degree* she has to spend a year in . She chose to come and be a language assistant in so she works in the Lycée René Cassin in Montfort which is great. Luckily she wants to be a in the future. So, she does actually enjoy teaching plus the are very and so that helps!
It was a bit for her when she first arrived in France, speaking a all the time is surprisingly but she didn't want to just find all the other assistants and talk to them all the time though it was quite tempting! So she found a in Rennes which she shares with French girls who are all , they put up with her grammatical . She definitely recommends living in a if people want to learn the language because her French so much after of being here.
When she isn't teaching her hobbies include , and most of all . She loves lots of different types of dancing but her favourite is dance. She actually teaches it in the and she has been dancing for about now and she takes part in competition and things like that. She just loves the it gives people because it doesn't matter you are or you are, you don't have to be to do Oriental dance quite the opposite. Plus she really likes Arabic music and she loves teaching people about Arabic culture. She also enjoys , she went to in and she slept in the in a hammock which was incredible. This she is going to drive to with her which she is really looking forward to.